Born: London, England.
British Citizen.


Vocational History


Art Director, Designer and Digital Imaging Consultant
August 1997 to Present

I am an independent consultant, specializing in digital imaging and design technologies and applications. I provide clients with a broad range of design, imaging and creative services. Design services include; creating and applying identity programs, designing and maintaining websites, creating promotional materials, packaging, websites and photography for musicians and their management companies, content creation for software, multimedia authoring and video production, icon and interface design for applications and interactive kiosks, exhibition and environmental graphics, packaging and promotional materials of every kind. When not engaged in projects, I am involved in reviewing digital imaging and design software, hardware and books for several online review sites and corporate clients.


InStore Creative Projects and Brand Guardian - Harrods Limited

October 2008 to Feb 2017
My responsibilities included: creating signage solutions for special projects, product and fixture design, working on in-store promotions, helping to define and police the Harrods brand guidelines for in-store applications, working with the in-store creative team on general ticketing, directional signage and promotional artworks. Working closely with brands, external contractors and the Technical Services Team and Harrods Architects to produce solutions for the visual and signage elements for new shopfits and concessions.


Past projects and significant roles include:
User Interface Designer/Consultant - Adobe Corporation
August 2005 to Dec 2005

Consulted with Adobe as a UI designer and consultant on a Prepress product for the next generation of their Creative Suite. My involvement included working closely with development engineers and senior management on this product and on creating case studies and workflows. As a UI team member, I also contributed to group discussions on the User Experience for all of Adobes products.


Content Creation Consultant - Roxio Corporation
January 2002 to June 2002

Retained by Roxio to provide a transfer of knowledge for content processes during their takeover of MGI Software’s Products. Provided creative services and template based content for the content creation team and also consulted with developers on their consumer centric photo and video solutions.


Product Tester and Icon Design - Visual Infinity
March 2001 to April 2001

Provided product testing for their Grain Surgery plug-in for After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Commotion and Avid Express DV. I also created application icons for their Mac OSX version.


Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer - Digital Gigs
December 1999 to Present

Digital Gigs is a full-service identity and new media company, whom I have provided with art direction and design services for several projects on a consultancy basis.


UI and Icon Design - Egan Teamboard
May 1999 to January 2003

Provided Icon Design and UI consultancy over several iterations of their whiteboard application. I had to create both Mac and Windows variants of their Icons and UI.


Content Lead, Consultant, Designer
MGI Software
August 1997 to January 2002

MGI Software retained me on a part time basis to consult and lead the content creation team for content which consisted of intellectual property made up of photos, videos, templates and art. Products I was directly responsible for included; PhotoSuite, Videowave, Cinematic, Virtual Tourmaker, and iPhotoSuite. I also contributed as a Content Designer and Consultant on Looney Tunes Photofun, PhotoVista, Reality Studio I assessed new technologies and tools to aid in the content creation process for MGI’s Products. Provided training and helped develop production techniques for Product Creative Services Department and the development teams. Presented MGI’s imaging and design products at international trade shows like Seybold and Comdex with Microsoft & Intel.
• Art Director, Senior Content Producer and Team Lead for MGI PhotoSuite II, III and IV.
• Consultant and Senior Content Producer on PhotoPro by Mattel’s The Learning Company and Broderbund.
• Art Director, Content Team Lead, and Technical Consultant on YM Magazine’s Virtual Makeover Magic software.
• Art Director and Content Team Lead on Toymax and Titan Sports WWF Slam Cam.
• Content Designer and Consultant on the MGI Looney Tunes Photofun Product for Warner Bros.


Icon Designer and UI Consultant - Vision Systems
October 1997 to March 2003

An ongoing contract to create approximately 650 unique icons for several iterations of a visually based, financial planning solution.


Creative Director/Designer - The H5 Project
August 1996 to August 1997

This was a project aimed at producing a series of rational and marketable products utilizing holographic technologies and concepts. Some innovative projects and products were proposed and developed with my assistance including:
• A conceptual retail environment featuring holographic treatments, fibre-optics and a unique 3D soundscape.
• A line of designer clothing and products utilizing holographic elements, treatments and designs.
• A pioneering interactive virtual reality based online portal utilizing VRML1 and 2.


Designer and Product Support - MGI Software Corp.
November 1995 to August 1996

Responsible for in­-house graphic design, product and service bureau support. Key contributions included:
• User interface design and product development. Layout and writing of user manuals.
• Represented the company and demonstrated its design and imaging products at trade shows and to clients.
• maintained image-setting facilities, equipment and provided service bureau related services.


Senior Designer and Consultant - Digital Design Team
March 1992 ­to November 1995

Co-owner and operator of a creative design and production firm with an emphasis on print and digital media. This project ran concurrently and supplemented my work at DMC/ISD. Services and Roles included:
• Design for a number of corporate clients including American Express, Atari Computer Corporation, CRAY, Miller Thomson, The Ontario Jockey Club, Vea Magazine in New York and Xerox.
• Consultant for design, typesetting, pre­press production and digital output services.
• Created 1300+ functionally unique icons for DynaCADD, a CAD solution from Ditek International.
• Lecturing in several cities in North America on digital design techniques, technologies and practices.


Designer and Production Artist - DMC Publishing/ISD Marketing

March 1990 to­ October 1995
A foundational experience with this DTP software vendor, which led to work with, and exposure to some of the world’s leading font foundries and pre-press technology companies. I was also responsible for in­-house graphic design and product support. Key areas of contribution included:
• Creating POP and promotional materials for the company’s design and desktop publishing products.
• Assisted in the conversion and adaptation of the type libraries from Agfa Compugraphic, Berthold, Linotype, Monotype and URW, along with fonts from several smaller foundries.
• Creating custom fonts for clients, including foreign language character sets and glyphs.
• User interface design, documentation and product development.
• Layout and Writing of tutorials, technical and user manuals, some of which were produced in several languages.
• Provided service bureau related production services and maintained image-setting facilities and studio equipment.
• Consulted with the company’s software developers on the application of the DTP tools they were producing.
• Created and modified printer drivers and defined calibration curves for a variety of input and output devices.
• Presented and held seminars on the company's software at trade shows across North America and Europe.


Design Manager/Consultant - PTG ­- The Publishing Technologies Group.
March 1989 ­to March 1990

PTG specialized in the application and integration of systems in the areas of database design, networking, CAD, graphics solutions and software design. Responsibilities at PTG included service and support for clients of our graphics and desktop publishing services and systems.


Art Consultant and Freelancer - Geo Art & Design
January 1986 to March 1989


Puffin Books
March 1985
Exhibition artist at the Puffin Books Children's Exhibition, in London, England under the supervision of illustrator Nigel McMullen.


Design and Photography
Art Direction, Digital Imaging, Page Layout, Photo Retouching and Restoration, Typography.

Operating Systems
Mac, Windows (95, 98, 2000 and XP) and Linux

Software Proficiency
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Alias Power Animator, Bryce, Calamus, Font Lab, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Fontographer, Quark XPress, Corel Draw, Sonic Foundry SoundForge and Sonic Foundry Acid Pro.


B.A. Honours in Multidisciplinary Design 2.2
North Staffordshire Polytechnic
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England

Specialized in Domestic and Industrial Product Design.
Specializing in computer aided design applications, electronic product design and technology.
· Developed several lighting product concepts utilizing fibre optics and fluorescing polymers.
· Produced concept studies for laptop based portable computers (1983), digital imaging based cameras (1982) and recreational and sensory environments.

· Advertising, ceramics, computer graphics and design, film and video.
· Glassware, graphic design, illustration, photography, and textile design.

Special Activities
·As a student, I was responsible for preparing and presenting several seminars, on the relationship between the Arts and Sciences since the Industrial Revolution and their effects on education.


Diploma in Art and Design Foundation Studies
Barnet College
Hertfordshire, England


Photographic Work and Experience
My Photographic interests are both professional and personal. I have produced photographic content and provided guidance and technical expertise for several projects including MGI Software's PhotoSuite, Virtual Tour Maker Software and Zoom Server. My event and music based photography include some of the following artist and events:
Blue Rodeo, Dayna Manning, dreamSTATE, Kurt Swinghammer, Quad City DJ's, Richard Underhill, The Cranes, The Great Big Sea, The Harlem Kings, The Philosopher Kings, The Toronto International Jazz Festival and Tom Cochrane.


Client List
@2066, Adobe Corporation, Althotech Pharma Inc., Atari Computer Corporation, Canada Post Corporation, Canon, Coretec, dreamSTATE, Dynex Capital Inc., Egan Teamboard, Elevator Network News, FMC - Financial Models Corp., Fuji, Intel, John Stetch, Kodak, MGI Software Corp., Microsoft, Migraph, Miller Thomson, Mindscape, Ontario Jockey Club, Ontario Science Centre, Powerhouse Casting, Puffin Books, Radio Silence, Roger Carlsen, Rolin Construction, Roxio, Sanyo, Samsung, Sony, Terra Nova Records, The ambient ping, The Learning Company, Titan Sports - World Wrestling Federation, Vea Magazine, Visual Infinity, Xerox.


Activities & Interests

Architecture, art and design, computer animation, dance, electronica, Alternate energy and technology, graphics and special effects, film, martial arts, music, science (fact, fantasy and fiction), type design, and travel.  I'm a Star Wars and Star Trek fan, collect art, photography and comic books and also thoroughly enjoy action sports like paintball, airsoft skirmishing and off-road biking.

Artistic Influences:

Art Nouveau, The Preraphaelites, Vienna Secessionists, David Carson, Neville Brody, Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, Ashley Wood, Dave McKean, John Van Fleet, Jeffery Jones and Michael Kaluta.


Literary Influences:

John Ronald Ruell Tolkien, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Arthur Conan Doyle and Joseph Campbell amongst many others.





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